Glossier: The Deets You Would Like To Know


Glossier, hot or not. It’s become a huge internet beauty brand, with cute showroom pop-ups and permanent ones in select cities. They have currently expanded their services to ship to Canada and the UK! Yay for international shipping!

They have a very natural approach to make up, but also their packaging is appealing AF. Its simplicity is what is so appealing to everyone who have thrown down their fake lashes, and cut creases to a more natural approach with tinted skin, and stained lips.

In a busy world, aint no body got time to do a crazy cut crease shadow look in the AM. Let’s be honest, most of us like to push that snooze button a few too many times, leaving us with maybe 30 minutes in total to get ready for our days. This is where Glossier becomes your go to make-up.

I have used all items and I’ve actually had them for around 6 months now, so we got a pretty good review on these products.

Let’s break it down for ya:

The Wowder powder, personally I thought it was an okay powder. I can see how individuals with dry skin would love this, but if you’re combo skin or oily skin like myself, well then this isn’t for you my friends. Pretty much disappears after a few hours, no real setting power.

The Stretch Concealer, is my new fave and my holy grail concealer for under the eyes. It’s super creamy and hydrating texture is perfect for those who have dry under eyes. If you’re like me and have the Sahara desert under your eyes, finding a good concealer can be super hard. Well look no further my friends this one is it! I know there can be complaints about it’s lasting power, but if you set it with a powder, it lasts all day. I have had no issues with it lasting.

Boy brow, the product that started it all I think! It’s a perfect brow gel, especially for those busy days, and you have little time to get ready, this alone can be sufficient for a good brow. The thickening fibres really work, and I find that my whole brow gets coated with it. Definitely another fave.

Haloscope, the highlighter of au natural dreams. This baby really gives you that super natural dewy look. It is definitely a staple of mine and perfect for those on the go days when you don’t have time for that extra highlight look. This is also great for a day time highlight.

The Balm Dotcom, is just that, the bomb! This is one of the most hydrating lip balms I have ever used, and doesn’t hurt to have that refreshing mint feeling tingling your lips! If you are not a fan of that sensation, no sweat my friends. They got five other flavours and scents to tickle your fancy.

The Cloud Paints, a really cute concept, and the colours are really nice. However the staying power on these babies suck. I feel like the minute you powder over these, the colour is gone and you have to reapply it. I just feel like there are other cream blushes you can use instead with longer lasting effects and just as pretty in colour.

The Skin Tint, it’s name bares it’s function. It does what it claims, gives you a nice tint and evens out redness. It has no coverage in regards to blemishes, so you have to use a concealer for those problem areas. However this is the perfect product for those no makeup days and I sometimes mix it with a full coverage foundation to dilute it and give it a more natural finish. This is also another fave of mine, and I love using it for those minimal makeup days.

Generation G lipsticks are literally the best balm like lippies. They feel amazing on the lips and have a great colour pay off. The colours are very pretty, and they are perfect to give you a little somethin’ and feel put together with minimal effort. This is definitely French girl vibes with the reds and deeper pinks.

Overall, I am in love with this brand, and the price point is great because it’s not too expensive. It’s a lot more affordable than Sephora brands, but more expensive than your drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline. It’s somewhere in between.

Thumbs up to Glossier and their brand philosophy makes it worth the purchase.

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