The Switch to Natural Deodorant: Warning, It Sucks But Only for a Little Bit

First post, and it’s about deodorant! I know there is many myths and truths related to using different kinds of deodorant. Now you will not die from using regular deodorant, nor is there proof that using you’re good old Dove stick is going to cause you cancer. However, just like with make-up and skin care, sometimes you just want to go au natural! This is my reason in attempting the switch. I am going to take you through my little journey on this switch, because apparently going through the switch there is a kind of a transitional period.

Honestly I was thinking about doing the switch for a while, and did bit a research, and read somewhere that it is ideal to do the switch during autumn and winter as you don’t really sweat that much. They also said that you might be stinky the first few weeks as your body is trying to detoxify from the years of using antiperspirants and non-natural deodorants.

For me, I basically did it on a whim. I was shopping around in Anthropologie, and I happened to pass into their little beauty section and I picked up a natural deodorant by Violets are Blue.. Honestly there was no reason for this particular brand, I just saw it and picked it up and bought it. It was $16, which is kind of hefty for a deodorant, but not as bad as some others, it’s reasonable I believe. (That’s me justifying a $16 deodorant purchase…)

So it has been around 3 weeks since I have done the switch, and I think I have some insight to how I feel about it now. Let me start by saying, when you first do it, it sucks. You feel like a smelly mess, because you’re constantly smelling your damn pits. Also, I began over perfuming might I add… And I think you don’t really get used it, even with a lot of showering, you ask yourself, didn’t I just shower? Why do I still stink! Especially if you’re used to no stench at all. There was many many times I wanted to surrender back to my Dove spray deodorant, feeling defeated, but I persevered and stuck with it! I believe this is the detoxifying period your body goes through, also no one seems to smell the stench except for me, so it is definitely an over amplified thought in our heads. Now I definitely love it! I don’t seem to have as much of stench, and seems to be getting better and better as your body gets used to it more. It will not be as effective as a regular deodorant, but I think it is definitely worth the switch. Sometimes you just want to know what you’re putting on your body and skin, and I think many deodorant’s have alcohol in them, and that can darken the skin under your arms under the sun… So that is an extra bonus I think!

Now about the product itself, it feels like a regular roll-on deodorant, maybe just a tad more liquid. It also takes some time to dry under, so I usually put it on before my skin care routine, and before I put my outfit for the day, allowing ample drying time. It smells like natural ingredients, nothing floral, more citrus I would say. It also has a nice cooling feeling when you apply it. Overall, I think I got super lucky with it being the first natural deodorant I tried, and definitely would repurchase it!

I suggest checking it out if you are wondering about doing the switch, and also keep your regular deodorant on hand just incase you’re absolutely hating it! Remember both types of deodorants are fine, and there is no real harm with using your regular deodorant, this is just for the bunch who like to try out and use natural products.

Until next time friends.

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